5Q. what happens to the rubber band

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5Q. what happens to the rubber band​




Rubber bands assist us with holding a wide range of things together. However, in hip-jump shoptalk, rubber bands is utilized in shoptalk articulation for bunches of cash, for example, enormous piles of bills held together by a rubber band. A rubber band otherwise called a flexible band, gum band or lacky band is a circle of rubber, typically ring or oval molded, and regularly used to hold numerous articles together. Rubber bands are by and large made from regular rubber blended in with a specific level of manufactured rubber, as a rule ethylene propylene diene monomer which is more sturdy through a scope of temperatures, just as impervious to UV and oxidization.

For a long time individuals have utilized a rubber band put around their wrist to assist them with effectively ending unfortunate quirks and hence roll out an improvement to their life. The science is straightforward molding. Pull and afterward let go of the rubber band so it twangs the touchy skin of your wrist causing you gentle distress.

What happens to the rubber band?​ :



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