Give a sample advocacy campaign about indigenous people

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Give a sample advocacy campaign about indigenous people​


We trust that the battle to save Palawan as numerous other biodiversity problem areas in our nation needs to do, not just, with saving trees and uncommon species. All the more significantly, it is tied in with feeding the Filipino social legacy and customary information, so intensely addressed in the living acts of our native networks that, subsequent to opposing Spanish and American colonization, are as yet battling against mining and agribusiness theocracies.

We need to make our administration and standard society to understand that the final biodiversity problem areas in our nation totally cross-over with our native regions. Assuming these regions are as yet delightful and green this is by and large since us, the native people groups, have kept up with them in such flawless and maintainable state, more than millennia.

We wish to illuminate and motivate all individuals to comprehend that woodlands are places being possessed by uncommon species, yet they are really the support of our native societies. Until this straightforward idea is perceived, woodland will keep on being viewed as the spot of nature isolated from culture. Anyway there are as yet many difficulties in front of us and, the best among them is the way to kill the long-standing biases and silly perspectives, which actually portray us as crude, graceless and, generally, as individuals needing advancement.

According to our viewpoint, ecological ravaging by mining and agribusiness firms isnt just a wrongdoing against nature yet additionally a wrongdoing against culture, a kind of slaughter that demolishes the most significant underlying foundations of our Filipinos set of experiences and eventually loots the social legacy of the entire country. The excellence and uniqueness of our native societies and the grandness of our current circumstance are cut out of the same cloth, they are inseparably connected to each other; they are resolute Our advocacy is centred on four major and interrelated components:

1.  Ancestral Domains and ICCAs Recognition

2.  Safeguarding Indigenous Farming Systems

3.  Oil Palms and Agribusiness

4.  Mining and Extractive Industries



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