Give at least 5 current programs of DSWD and explain each program on how it help in addressing the social problems?,

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Give at least 5 current programs of DSWD and explain each program on how it help in addressing the social problems?


The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is mandated by law to

develop, administer and implement comprehensive social welfare programs designed to

uplift the living conditions and empower the disadvantaged children, youth, women, older

persons, person with disabilities, families in crisis or at-risk and communities needing


With the passage of Local Government Code in 1991, the delivery of most basic

services was devolved to the Local Government Units. On the other hand, the department is

mandated to do policy and program development, standard setting, technical assistance and

monitoring functions to Local Government Units (LGUs) and Non-Government Organizations

(NGOs) to effectively implement Social Welfare and Development (SWD) programs in target

areas as reflected at EO 15 s. 1998 “Redirecting the Functions and Operations of the

DSWD”. Through authorizing SWD agencies to implement SWD program and deliver

service, DSWD extends its mandate and share responsibility and potential liability for all

clients that these agencies serve. Therefore, DSWD has the responsibility to oversee the

implementation of SWD programs and services at all levels being the primary agency on

SWD. It is for this purpose that these guidelines on program supervision is issued so that

SWD agencies are guided by DSWD, including its own facilities to efficiently and effectively

manage cases of disadvantaged individuals, groups, families and communities and learn

from and develop skills in the process.

With the mandate of DSWD to monitor and provide technical assistance to SWD

service providers or duty-holders nationwide through its Field Offices, program supervision is

seen as a means of helping them deliver their respective mandates, as pointed out above,

and improve the services for the target clients in center and community-based settings

hence, these guidelines.

II. Legal Bases

1. Republic Act No. 4373 as amended by RA 5175 – Regulating the Practice

of Social Work in the Philippines – Provides that no social work agency

should operate unless registered with the DSWD.

2 Republic Act No. 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991, Chapter 2,

Section 17 – Consistent with local autonomy and decentralization, the

provision for the delivery of basic services and facilities shall be devolved from

the National Government to provinces, cities, municipalities, and barangays so

that each LGU shall be responsible for a minimum set of services and facilities

in accordance with established national policies, guidelines, and standards.

3. Executive Order 15 s. 1998 “Redirecting the Functions and Operations of

the DSWD” as amended by Executive Order 221 (2003) defined the

mandate, roles, powers and functions of the DSWD – The Department

VBC/PDS/RDD/joni mercado/-0728201 ljoni.doc  

(DSWD) is mandated to provide assistance to local government units (LGUs),

non-government organizations (NGOs), other national government agencies

(NGAs), people’s organizations (Pos) and other members of civil society in

effectively implementing programs, projects, and services that will alleviate

poverty and empower disadvantaged individuals, families and communities for

an improved quality of life.

4. Administrative Order 11 series 2007 “Revised Standards on Residential

Care Services. – The DSWD is the primary government agency responsible for

caring for marginalized and disadvantaged sectors of society. As such it sets

standards and provides consultative services to enable institutions,

organizations and persons engaged in social welfare activities both in public

and private settings to comply with said standards and monitor compliance.

5. RA 9344 “Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006” It covers the different

stages involving children at risk and children in conflict with the law from

prevention to rehabilitation and reintegration. The Department of Social

Welfare and Development shall ensure the effective implementation of this Act

and coordination among other government agencies and other institutions

focused on juvenile justice and intervention programs.




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