List down Top 5 most Common Kitchen Hazards and suggest ways on how to prevent it.

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List down Top 5 most Common Kitchen Hazards and suggest ways on how to prevent it.


1. Fire-

The lead cause of fires is cooking, and it is mainly because of unattended cooking. Fire can also result from electrical appliances in the kitchen and oils. To avoid fire, you should exercise the following precautions:

> Monitor your food when cooking at high temperatures.

> Set a timer if you are simmering to remind you that you have food in the kitchen.

> When cooking with oil at high temperatures, cover the cooking pot with a lid.

> Remove any spills, clothes, or any paper that may ignite from anywhere close to your stove.

2. Electrical issues-

We are transforming our kitchens each day to make work easier. Most of the devices in the kitchen are electrical devices leading to another hazard in the kitchen. Electrical fires and electrical shocks may occur in the kitchen as a result.

When dealing with electricity:

> Take regular inspections to ensure the cable wires are in order.

> Naked wires must be repaired by professionals as soon as they are detected.

> When plugging in sockets, ensure that your hands are dry.

3. Burns-

Contact with hot food, liquids, and equipment can cause burns. Burns commonly affect children, so if you have children playing around the kitchen, make sure you supervise them. Due to slips in the kitchen, some burns occur in scenarios whereby the person is trying to steady himself/herself with a hot container.

To avoid burns, you should:

> Have slip-resistant footwear to avoid slips.

> Avoid carrying containers with hot liquids.

> Maintain your equipment, especially the pressurized cook equipment.

Extra tip: When heating with a microwave, use vented containers. If you use a covered container, puncture the lid to allow the steam to escape, as the steam from microwaves can go up to 200 degrees.

4. Slipping and falling-

Slipping and falling can occur in the kitchen due to slippery floors, uneven floors, and a fall when trying to reach something from the shelf. Slipping and falling can cause injury, burns, and broken arms.

> Remove any spills that may cause slipping.

> Utilize water damage restoration services when water is leaking.

> Avoid carrying heavy items on a ladder.

> Use steady stools when getting things from a higher shelf.

5. Improper handling of kitchen equipment-

Kitchen equipment can be a hazard, and you do not handle them with a lot of care. The knives are for cutting in the kitchen, and you should use them with utmost care. When handling knives:

> Ensure that they are kept sharp at all times.

> Keep the handles in good order, and remove any grease that may be on them.

> When washing the knives, keep the sharp side away from you. (this is the important way to prevent any hazards from happening)

When handling the technical kitchen equipment such as the microwaves and blenders, make sure you read the manual and follow all the manufacturers safety measures on the manual.

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