Please help me number 2 to 6

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Please help me number 2 to 6

Answer: organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.

3.Zero vector.

Unit Vector.

Position Vector.

Co-initial Vector.


Unlike Vectors.

Co-planar Vector.

Collinear Vector.

4.A plasmid, usually circular but sometimes linear, is a small double-stranded DNA unit, which is chromosome independent and is capable of self-replication. … Genes required for organism survival and those that are generally beneficial to the host organism, such as antibiotic resistance, are often found in plasmids.

5. Recombinat DNA (rDNA) is a technology that uses enzymes to cut and paste together DNA sequences of interest. The recombined DNA sequences can be placed into vehicles called vectors that ferry the DNA into a suitable host cell where it can be copied or expressed.

6.Genetic engineering is accomplished in three basic steps. These are (1) The isolation of DNA fragments from a donor organism; (2) The insertion of an isolated donor DNA fragment into a vector genome and (3) The growth of a recombinant vector in an appropriate host.

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