Please pasagot sana yong maayos:)

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Please pasagot sana yong maayos:)​


1. Brain stem

2. cerebrum

3. cerebellum

4. cerebrum

5. brain stem

6. cerebellum

7. brain stem

8. cerebrum

9. cerebellum

10. cerebrum


BRAIN STEM-Your brainstem is the bottom part of your brain. It looks like a stalk that connects the rest of your brain to your spinal cord. Your brainstem sends signals from your brain to the rest of your body. It controls many subconscious body functions, like breathing and maintaining your heart rate

CEREBRUM– The largest part of the brain, the cerebrum initiates and coordinates movement and regulates temperature. Other areas of the cerebrum enable speech, judgment, thinking and reasoning, problem-solving, emotions and learning. Other functions relate to vision, hearing, touch and other senses.

CEREBELLUM-The cerebellum is important for making postural adjustments in order to maintain balance. Through its input from vestibular receptors and proprioceptors, it modulates commands to motor neurons to compensate for shifts in body position or changes in load upon muscles.

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