Tempo of music of cordillera

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Tempo of music of cordillera


AIbaloi music follows just one style, the bacdiw (sometimes called bahdiw). It is sung alternately by different persons. Phrase by phrase it is sung, and phrase by phrase it is re-echoed by the asbayats of the women.

The badio is composed extemporaneously by a person exhilirated by drink. Its aim is to give advice, bring about cordial relations, or simply narrate some experiences. The last part of the singers statement is caught up by the women present around him, who sing it as a refrain.

The dujung is an elegy or lament sung by people seated around the death-chair of a rich man. The singer extolls the virtues of the dead, and each statement is repeated by the others. Any other song that is not a bacdiw or a dujung is a cansion. Only a man exhilirated by wine at a canao is allowed to sing the badio. A sacred song is sung only in connection with the religious ceremony to which it belongs. No one would be willing to sing the dujung, unless in connection with ceremonies for the dead. The kansion is usually sung at the wake of the dead or in religious rites because the tempo is lively and gay and its light mood contrasts with the solemnity of a wake.answer:


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