Understanding Online Security Misunderstandings – What you Need to Know To Keep Your PC Safe

Many computer users have aspirations to protect their PCs. Is it possible? Is it possible to protect your computer with just a few simple actions? Computer users have many misunderstandings. It is my recommendation that you take the time to reflect on it and learn from your mistakes so you won’t repeat them. You can see usergorilla.com for more information.

Online Security Misunderstandings

The more time you spend online, the more likely your computer will become infected with virus. Hackers might find security gaps in your system and attack them. This could lead to your computer slowing down, or even your confidential information being stolen. But many people don’t understand it and take it as a given.

No. 1 I don’t connect with other internet to ensure that I’m safe surfing the web.

To surf the net, you will need to be connected to the internet. It doesn’t matter if your laptop is connected to the internet, the same points apply to your laptop as those displayed in Business Internet Central. You cannot prevent your laptop from getting infected by viruses. Once you surf the web, you are automatically part of the computer family. You can be attacked up to three times per hour if your computer is connected to the internet using DSL or cable modern.

No. 2 I use dial-up to stay safe online.

You can’t be sure that you are safe using dial-up network. Every time you dial-up, your IP address changes. While it’s difficult for hackers not to hack your machine using dial-up network, hackers can access thousands of IP addresses within an hour. This makes you very dangerous online.

No. 3 Firewall is great. I don’t have to buy any other security tool for PC.

To be truthful, your thinking might not be complete. Fire Wall also comes with its pros and cons. Fire Wall can protect your computer from the worst. Fire Wall should also be up-to-date and fix bugs promptly to ensure the strongest function. Fire Wall can only protect a fraction of the internet attacks. For those viruses infection/spyware attacks Fire Wall is not enough to eliminate them all.