“What can you say about governments action regarding the pandemic”, asap

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What can you say about governments action regarding the pandemic


What can you say about governments action regarding the pandemic?

The economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic call for urgent policy responses to support households and firms alike, but how this support is designed will be critical in ensuring that it does not result in enduring global market distortions. Also, the government ensures economic rise despite pandemic.

Time-limited, targeted, cash-based support packages that are congruent with longer-term goals provide the foundation for a long-term recovery.

Transparency of support packages is essential not just for public trust, but also for accountability and for governments to learn from what works best.

Making support measures time-limited, e.g. through sunset clauses or other similar mechanisms, is one way to ensure that necessary economic stimulus does not end up distorting trade and global competition. This will help mitigate the risk that temporary support becomes entrenched and outlives its purpose. Economic is one of the pandemics most affected matter, and by that government ensures the recovery of everybody to make way for the realignment of the countrys economic increase.

Reaction on the actions/protocols, guidelines of the government regarding the pandemic COVID -19 and its effect to the society. brainly.ph/question/2725385


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