What is a standardized questionnaire what is research made questionnaire

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What is a standardized questionnaire what is research made questionnaire​

What is a standardized questionnaire and what is a research made questionnaire​

A standardized questionnaire is one that is developed and delivered in such a way that all participants are asked the same questions in the same format and their replies are recorded in the same way. A measures reliability improves when it is standardized. A formal standardized questionnaire is a survey tool used to collect data on people or a social unit such as a home or a school from individuals. When each responder is subjected to the same questions and the same coding system, the questionnaire is considered to be standardized.

What are the best ways to standardize a questionnaire?

A standardized questionnaire needs to considert these:

Preliminary questionnaire design decisions

Make a list of the information yoll need.

Define your target audience.

Select the method(s) for contacting your target audience.

Make a decision about the content of the inquiry.

Make changes to the questions phrasing.

Put your questions in a logical sequence and structure.

Check the questionnaires length.

Structured and unstructured questionnaires are the two main forms of questionnaires. The quasi-structured questionnaire, which is commonly used in social science research, is a combination of these two. Pre-coded questions are included in structured surveys, as are well-defined skipping patterns for following the question sequence.

What is a standardized questionnaire? what is an research made questionnaire?​ brainly.ph/question/23804602


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